Can Les stop Ben Mitchell taking revenge?

Louise begs Les to convince Ben Mitchell not to put his life in danger to get revenge on Paul's killers

Louise is suspicious that Ben’s up to no good after seeing an angry Jay returning to the Square. Confronting Ben, she learns that they have been looking for Paul’s killers. Although Ben insists they only want to give the killers a scare, Louise shares her concerns with Les. After a talking to from Les, Louise is hopeful that Ben will let it drop. When Jay turns up with an address for the attackers, however, Ben heads out of the Square with him.

Dot tries to help Patrick win back Claudette after their falling out. As they all rehearse for the salsa show, Denise faints. Taken home by Carmel, Denise is reticent when Carmel encourages her to see a doctor. But after looking up her symptoms on line, Denise starts to panic that she could have cancer.

Steven is frustrated when Lauren spends money they haven’t got to buy a new laptop for her web design business. When Lauren finds out that the restaurant has paid for Kyle to go on a cooking course, Lauren is confused. Steven’s forced to admit that Kyle found out he was responsible for the break in.

Also, Shakil is disappointed when Bex pulls out of a day out with him and the teens.