Can Liam salvage his career?

Liam prepares for his meeting with the Board of Studies, where he’ll defend his controversial assignment about a terrorist attack. Bianca gives him pointers, but Liam stresses out and resorts to his drug stash. The meeting starts well but it’s soon apparent that Liam is high. Bianca is disappointed in him and Liam is dismissed from school – his teaching career is over.

Dex is devastated that April and Xavier are back together, which isn’t lost on April. She confronts him about his moping and Dex says you lose out when your friends get together. April believes that loneliness is the problem and insists she’ll hang out with him. Dex is thrilled…. until she invites Xavier along.

Marilyn asks Elijah to perform a naming ceremony for George since neither she nor Sid is religious. Sid is surprised Marilyn wants to do this so soon and Colleen suggests they should be talking about a wedding ceremony instead.

Marilyn thinks about marriage and discusses the possibility with Sid. However, she is met with ridicule and a fight ensues. Sid vents to Roo, who advises him how to get out of it. Marilyn comes round to Sid’s point of view and a reluctant truce is called.

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