Although Darren believes he and Libby are back on track, Libby is more cautious about a reconciliation, uncertain if she wants to return to Shepparton. However, she’s upset when Karl and Susan question whether her and Darren’s love is strong enough to survive his infidelity.

When she learns Marco needs a new place to live, Carmella worries he may move too far away from her, but she can’t bring herself to ask him to move in with her. Meanwhile, Oliver is concerned about being pushed out of his baby’s life and considers calling in the lawyers, but Rebecca cautions him against the potentially inflammatory move.

Janae and the Parkers are shocked to see a forthcoming auction sign being put out in front of their home, and discover that Janelle has decided to stay in Cairns. Although Ned is sad to be leaving Ramsay Street, Janae likes the idea of them making a fresh start in a place of their own. Meanwhile, Steve and Miranda consider buying the Timmins’ house.

Elle tries to win editor Brad’s favour by pitching a story about the underground dance scene but Brad assigns the story to a senior writer. Determined to prove themselves, Elle and Riley decide to pursue the story anyway.