Liberty is heartbroken about Theresa and Ethan’s betrayal, but she is determined to take her mind off things by singing at the Chez Chez singing competition. However, it’s clear she is not ready and as her emotions get the better of her, she tearfully flees.

Later, a guilty Ethan tries to speak to her but digs himself a deeper hole when he reveals his and Theresa’s kiss meant nothing. Liberty knew nothing about the pair kissing and can’t believe they would go that far while Dodger is on the warpath.

Sinead is gobsmacked when Maddie casually yet spitefully mentions she’s Barts ex girlfriend and going to the same sixth form in September. Meanwhile, Tilly and Esther indulge in a moment of friskiness on the beach!

Secretly, Ethan and Theresa meet up. At first they want to discuss how to help Liberty but it’s not long before they are in each others arms…

Also, Lee tries to show Amy that he is more than capable playing ‘dad’ while Pete offers some support to Amy over Lee’s actions.

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