Neil tells Andrea that he’s got a year’s contract working abroad and he wants her to go with him. Andrea tells him again that it’s over, but her words fall on deaf ears once again. Meanwhile, Jenna finds herself duped into having dinner with Lloyd and Andrea, as the two women try to sort out their differences.

Ken and Tracy return from Peter’s plea hearing buoyed that he pleaded not guilty. Later, Rob’s heart sinks when Carla surmises that it will soon be Peter’s trial, then the whole thing will all be over. Back inside, Peter tells Jim that he took his advice and pleaded not guilty. Jim promises to supply him with booze in return for Peter’s help inside the prison.

Kylie asks Gail to babysit Max, but she’s unimpressed when Gail says she can’t. When Kylie probes more she realises that Gail won’t cancel her lunch date with Michael, leaving Kylie to take her frustrations out on him.

Also, Michelle talks Rob into hiring her to organise his wedding, but Tracy’s furious when she finds out; Kirk takes Beth to the cafe with the intention of proposing, but things don’t quite go as planned.