Frustrated by the lack of progression by the police to find Chris’s attacker, Lucas takes matters into his own hands. Putting together the pieces offered by Chris, Anna at the law firm and finally Kyle, Lucas believes the culprit, Lewis, could own a racing greyhound. Knowing Lewis has a car sticker with the word ‘Dasher;, Lucas and Kyle head to the race track, hoping he will be there.

And they’re in luck. Lewis turns up and Lucas sees red, but Kyle urges him to hold back until the police arrive. Reluctantly he does and Lewis is apprehended. Believing this could be the end of the charges against Toadie, they’re all surprised when Lewis alleges Toadie was the one who hired him, insisting that he met Toadie in order to set up Chris’s attack. Desperate to prove his innocence, Toadie asks for a favour.

Andrew puts a stop to Sophie and Corey’s romance before it goes any further and before Paul finds out about it. But when Sophie learns Andrew warned Corey to stay away from her, she blackmails Andrew into letting her see him, threatening to tell Paul that they first got together at Andrew’s gig, when she was under his supervision.