Elle is having doubts over her decision to leave Lucas and take the job as a roving reporter. However, Lucas encourages her to go for it, as it is what she has been wanting for so long. Lucas knows her leaving will be the end of their relationship, however, he doesn’t want to admit that to Elle because he knows it will stop her going.

Paul is impressed by Lucas’s act of selflessness and gives him a pat on the back for letting her go by pretending that everything is OK, when in actual fact it is the end! Will Lucas be able to sacrifice his own happiness for Elle’s?

Donna is upset that the police don’t have enough evidence to charge Saffron with assault. Donna still has the option of mediation, however, she’s frightened of facing Saffron again, and doesn’t think anyone will believe her.

She desperately needs Ringo’s support, but he’s so engrossed in his studies that she doesn’t want to bother him. She wants to give him the space he needs to focus on his big biology exam. Toadie and Elle are there to support her through the mediation, but will she crumble under Saffron’s manipulative techniques?

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