Can Lucas rescue Patrick from Steph?

Lucas is forced to participate in Steph’s delusion that Patrick is her son Adam, in order to get him away from her. Lucas finally convinces Steph to put the baby down, allowing him to rescue Patrick. Lucas apologises to Vanessa and reassures her that he never wants to see Steph again. Meanwhile, Georgia helps Steph back to reality, which is when we see the true Steph: a deeply vulnerable woman grieving for the children she has given up.

Rani finds it increasingly awkward to act with Bailey. Bailey thinks she’s uncomfortable because of the moment they shared during the eclipse, but Rani denies all. In the guise of discussing the play with her father, later, Rani airs her confusion over choosing between Callum and Bailey.

Bailey advises Callum to be a more attentive boyfriend and Callum gives Rani a gift. But when rehearsing the play’s love scene again with Bailey, Rani’s true feelings betray her, and she and Bailey kiss. However, they’re unaware their kiss has been witnessed by Sonya.

Kyle’s temporary blindness frustrates him and he burns his hand, which prompts Sheila, Georgia and Chris to discuss a timetable to look after him. But Kyle’s not happy, and sends them all away. He tries to take care of himself, but injures himself again.