Finn returns home to see Lynsey on his doorstep issuing threats to Diane, and hurries away. While Sinead finally manages to talk her mum round and Diane opens the door to Lynsey, a worried Finn confides in Amber and swears her to secrecy. Diane refuses to take the baby back and slyly points out that Lynsey’s at risk of getting into trouble now too.

Amber suggests to Finn that he could just take the baby back himself. Meanwhile, a tearful Sinead finally breaks Diane. But when Lynsey heads downstairs, she discovers that the baby’s gone! As the shock sinks in at the O’Connors’, Finn and Amber are walking through the park with the baby. Reality bites when the O’Connors realise that this could land them in even more trouble.

Lee’s reeling from the revelation that the students hate his play. He commiserates with Kevin and gets an idea. He heads to the SU and announces to everyone that from now on, they’ll all have creative input. Chaos ensues and Lee sits back to watch.

Also; Brendan’s unimpressed when he finds Ste getting dressed up for his date with Rae. When they return to Chez Chez, Ste admits how much he likes Rae, much to Brendan’s dismay.

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