Evelyn is furious with Maddy for implying that her relationship with Josh isn’t serious because they haven’t had sex yet. Evelyn turns to Oscar, as she is bewildered how Maddy got hold of such private information. Oscar admits he let the cat out of the bag. The twins make up and Oscar confronts Maddy, but he puts his foot in it again when he tells her Evelyn and Josh won’t be sleeping together any time soon.

Meanwhile, Josh is struggling with his decision to distance himself from his brother. Ricky encourages Brax to talk to him, so the eldest Braxton brother makes Josh a promise – he will teach him how to drive. However, Josh has a nasty run in with Kyle and he hits the roof when he catches Josh and Evelyn kissing on the sofa.

Sophie is overcome with jealousy when she sees Nate and Hannah together. The pair head off to the farm to discuss Oscar’s dieting and excessive exercise regime. Sophie calls her husband but he ignores her calls. Leah offers Sophie a shoulder to cry on when she admits Nate has cheated on her before.