Sasha and Spencer work up the courage to tell Maddy about their relationship, and are thrown when Maddy reveals she already knows – Holly showed her a film of them kissing. Maddy pretends everything’s cool, and asks to join him and Sasha for breakfast. At breakfast, Maddy reminisces about pre-Sasha times with Spencer, but it’s clear Spencer only has eyes for Sasha. Alone with Sasha, Spencer wonders how to make things right with Maddy, but Sasha flares up – this situation has been awkward for her too! Spencer finds Maddy and they both realise they need  time before they resume their friendship.

Ricky returns, expressing remorse for her part in Adam’s plan. Brax forgives her but when Casey walks in on them kissing, he’s outraged.

Tired of feeling powerless, Casey finds Tamara’s parents and tells them about her amnesia. Meanwhile, Ricky’s upset and Brax levels an ultimatum – she either wants to be with him, or she doesn’t…

Jett is torn when VJ makes it clear that as long as he and Nina are together, they can’t be mates. He’s amused to learn that VJ and Nina’s feud stems from VJ’s belief that she stole his Pokemon card. Jett tries to stage an intervention but is reluctantly forced to choose Nina.