Can Maddy help her junkie sister?

Hannah, a heroin addict, is admitted to Holby and Jac is shocked to learn that Hannah is Maddy’s sister. Hannah insists she has to get home to her daughter but in an effort to make Hannah stay for an operation, Maddy cancels Hannah’s morphine dose.

Finding Hannah in a bad way, Jac helps Maddy treat her sister but accuses Maddy of gross negligence. Later, Hannah asks Maddy for £500 for her daughter – but will she use it to buy drugs instead?

Meanwhile, Lola treats a rape victim, Carol, who’s keen to disguise her attack as a mugging. When Carol insists that her volatile husband Lee doesn’t find out she’s in hospital, Lola and Kyla suspect he attacked her. Carol eventually tells Lee she was raped and he blames her for the attack.

When Donna lets slip to Lee that Alan Clooney, the man who drove Carol home that night, is in the hospital, Lee storms over to Alan and punches him. As Lee is arrested, Lola tells Donna off for her stupidity – but Donna bites back by saying that Lola shouldn’t have got too involved.

Also, Joseph finds out about Sam dating both Faye and Chrissie and urges Sam to end it with Faye.