Can Mae and Frank help Harry?

Harry is worried that he is still getting negative press, and Frank tries to set things right for him following his newspaper article. He finds out that Mae has left Loxley and teams up with her to try to put the blame for the scandal on Loxley instead. As their attempts fail and Loxley vows to drag Mae through the courts, Mae, Frank and Harry decide to carry on their mission to snare him.

Meanwhile as Rose frets about a chest complaint, Delphine suggests some new ideas for the Palm Court. Shrewd Mae thinks that Delphine is trying to steal Harry from Rose and tells Delphine to leave town but when Delphine continues to try to win Harry round but he tells her he doesn’t care for her and he delightedly goes home to Rose to find his daughters have arrived from America.

Elsewhere, Agnes is stunned when George comes back home injured. Victor then takes his chance and asks Agnes to marry him before George returns to the front. However, Henri brings in a female writer Winfred Bonfils Black to write about Selfridge’s who quickly realises there is something between him and Agnes and she tells Agnes that she is surprised she is choosing marriage over her career.

Meanwhile, tensions grow as Mr Grove gives Miss Mardle a piece of his mind after he spots her kissing Florian.