Loose lips could sink the brother who was about to sleep with his sister – and Ryan knows it. Which is why he’s desperate to keep Maisie away from Katie, who has no idea just how close the brother and sister got (before they found out they hang very close to each other on the family tree). A drunken Maisie hears that Ryan is living at Katie’s cottage and, in despair, goes to see him. Worried about her friend, Katie takes Maisie in and the Wylde girl passes out on her sofa. Ryan arrives and is relieved Maisie hasn’t told Katie what they nearly did. Desperate to get her out of the cottage, he calls Nathan, who takes Maisie home. But she’s clearly a loose cannon…

There’s nothing weak and wussy about Moira, though… She’s straight up to Hannah’s school to report the bullies who have been tormenting her daughter. As Victoria was one of them, she’s suspended and Moira tells Diane she doesn’t care how much Victoria suffers. First miserable Maisie, now mad Moira… Diane’s going to have to rely on Marlon to keep the punters happy. Oh dear.

There’s trouble brewing up at Butler’s Farm, too… Lambs are stillborn and sheep are dying. Is someone sabotaging their business?