Can Mandy handle the pressure?

Heston wants to buy Mandy lunch to discuss her role as stage manager of the panto. Mandy has some ideas but Heston’s are way more ambitious, and he accuses her of being defeatist when she looks horrified. He then gives her a long list of jobs to do before announcing she’ll also be playing Dandini! That afternoon, Mandy’s collared by Howard, who has ideas about his costume… then Al calls to talk buttons… and Jimmi has an issue with stockings.

Valerie has designed an elaborate dress and wants Mandy’s ‘stitch and bitch’ class to make it and Zara wants to talk boots! As the staff hound Mandy into the nurses room, Heston arrives and ushers everyone out before turning to talk to Mandy, only to find she has gone. Heston walks off calling her name… as an harrassed Mandy hides under the examination bed.

While Al feels awkward having Karen in his messy house, she’s enjoying the freedom away from Mrs Tembe. He tries teaching her memory techniques when she spots him reading the pantomime script and they have a real laugh as she helps him learn his lines for Buttons. Al later talks about the Wikisite he set up for her friends and family to record their memories of Karen and a funny story posted by an old school friend leaves her in hysterics.

As they bond further, Karen asks Al about his love life. Al cautiously mentions his mistake with Jas and Karen laughs – Buttons goes after Cinderella! She suggests he needs to get back in the saddle but instead he heads for the washing up, as Karen offers to dry.

Also, Howard helps a wounded soldier as he prepares a surprise return for the girl he left behind.