Can Mandy help a sacked teacher?

Mandy visits a local school, where she’ll be giving sex ed lessons to the students. Mandy reports to no-nonsense principal Keira and is shown to a class, held by young teacher Nina. As Mandy starts the class, loudmouth student Josh tries to be the big man – Mandy and Keira can handle his smart mouth, but Nina yells at the boy and marches him out of class. Outside we learn Nina and Josh are having an affair; she’s tried to end it but he won’t let her. Mandy sees him threatening Nina, who tells her to leave it.

As she leaves, Mandy sees Josh holding Nina against the wall. Keira also sees and sends Josh to her office – he’s to be expelled. Mandy speaks to Nina, who admits the affair; she didn’t know he was a student when they met, and now he won’t break up with her. Nina goes to Keira and admits what’s been going on between her and Josh. Keira’s furious and sacks Nina on the spot, and tells her she’ll be persuing this. Outside the school, Nina sees Mandy and asks her for a lift – she needs to talk to the police!

Kevin’s feeling a very old 30 today. He’s already feeling sensitive about his age when patient, Ben, arrives to talk to Kevin about plastic surgery; his wife’s left him for a younger man and he needs to look 20 again. Kevin suggests this might not be the answer but Ben thought Kev would understand, he’s what – 35? Wanting to show his youth, Kev organises a big night out. Chris is up for it but he’s working at the youth club on the basketball team. Kev says he’ll play for their team first, then they’ll get some beers.

At the match, Kev’s age shows against the 16-year-olds playing, especially when he hurts his back, and has to hobble to the bar. Unable to down shots with the youngsters, Kev notices a puffy-faced Ben sitting at the bar. He decided to get cut-price botox – and his wife still left him. Kev looks at the absurd state of Ben, and the absurdity of his trying to be 20 again and heads home for a cup of tea.