Mandy goes to check on Catriona who’s depressed, both about the assault and because the police were so unsympathetic. She then tells Mandy she is afraid to leave the house in case she runs into Rachel – her attacker. On her way home, Mandy bumps into Rachel who cruelly puts both Mandy and Catriona down. 

Walter, 78, enters the surgery to see Zara but when Mrs Tembe explains that Zara isn’t in until the afternoon Walter says he will wait. It’s clear Mrs Tembe is resisting the urge to help this lonely man, wary of her recent experiences with Josh. But after speaking to Karen, she invites Walter to a church charity dinner.

Poppy arrives in the surgery and Kevin drags her into his office, telling her that their relationship is illegal and has to end. Poppy finally sees his point and promises not to tell anyone.