Marie Finley realises her tomboy daughter Tara isn’t home and shares her frustration with fiancé Carl Jacobs as she sends him out to find her. Tara’s been playing hide and seek in the woods and is distressed to find her father lying injured in a ditch. But as she goes to get help, she runs into the road in front of Daniel’s car. He gets out to yell at her but when she tells him what’s happened he grabs his medical bag and quickly follows.

Tara’s father is nowhere to be found and a confused and distressed Tara insists they call the police. Daniel drives her to the police station where they meet Rob. As Tara tells her story, Rob gently suggests that she’s making it up, for the sixth time in the last six months! Tara strides off leaving Rob to explain that Tara’s father died a few years ago. Can Tara move on – and accept that her mother has too?