John hasn’t seen Shandi since he told her to accept his relationship Marilyn. Jett and Marilyn start to question Shandi’s absence and John finally tells Marilyn about their heated discussion. Which prompts Marilyn to play the unlikely peacemaker.

Maddy is over the moon that Josh has decided not to attend the school prom and suggests to Josh they should spend some time together. Spencer realises that Evelyn is upset that her boyfriend doesn’t want to attend and tells Josh to shape up. Josh admits to Evelyn he can’t afford a suit, but is happy to go in normal clothes. The pair embrace much to the upset of Maddy, who tells everyone she is going to the prom with Oscar, even though he hasn’t asked her.

When Nate and Sophie bump into Oscar and Hannah the atmosphere is tense. Things become even stranger when Nate invites the MacGuires to join them for dinner and Sophie makes a clumsy excuse. Later, Nate confronts Hannah over her strange behaviour, who tells him to ask Sophie.