Marilyn sneaks off early in the morning to meet up with Nicole and baby George in the city. After Sid finds out about Marilyn’s trip from Colleen, he approaches Miles to find out the truth and becomes deeply concerned for all involved. Marilyn and Nicole meet up in a park and make amends. It looks like they can all move on with their lives. But when Marilyn returns to the Bay and to a very angry Sid, it seems this relationship is falling apart.

Elijah confides in Miles about his growing feelings for Laura. He fears he has made a mistake by telling her to cool things off a bit. Meanwhile, Laura is taking Elijah’s distance as a sign he’s not interested. Over lunch, Elijah reveals he has decided to speak to the Bishop about coming back to the Church, which means he also wants them to just take their relationship slowly. Laura is happy they are both on the same page.

Dex and Kate continue their study sessions as they both have something to gain. And just as Dex and Kate start to see each other in a new light, Kate twigs Dex’s ulterior motive: he wants to make April jealous.

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