Can Mark and Donna save James?

When James Hope is seen being bundled into the back of a car, Mark and Donna go after him, ending up at an industrial estate. As they enter the building, they find James arguing with three hoodies. As he tries to escape, one of the hoodies shoots James, who hits the floor barely conscious.

Donna and Mark take James to Holby City themselves – but Donna is disgusted when Mark insists they hide the truth from Elliott. Prior to theatre, Elliot discovers that the patient lying in front of him is his son, and goes to operate. Later, Mark tells Donna – then Elliott – all about his own drug habit.

Elsewhere, tension grows between Louise and Maddy as they vie for Clifford’s affections. Maddy is telling Clifford that they should become an item when Louise interrupts. Later, Louise and Clifford share a kiss.

And Faye’s not happy when she catches Kyla drinking while on duty.

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