Can Mark help Elliot’s junkie son?

Mark finds Elliot’s wasted son James waiting in Elliot’s office and pulls Elliot out of theatre to reunite them. When Elliot gets caught up in an emergency, Mark takes James to the staff showers and lends him some clothes. Elliot finally manages to get away but can’t find James anywhere. Mark finds James in a toilet about to inject drugs, and lies to Elliot that James isn’t in there. Elliot and James reunite and head off; Mark is alone – and desperate for a fix.

Clifford and Louise find themselves in the firing line when a stent trial patient tries to sue and both are quizzed by Clifford’s brother Alex, who’s representing the pharmaceutical company. Mark then tells Jayne about the Carbon Control woman turning off the fridges and Alex has a go at Louise for not telling him. Alex sends Louise dinner as a way of making up. But Louise is more interested in having ‘dessert’ with Clifford…

Elsewhere, when Chrissie finds out that Sam lied about dumping Faye and learns that he’s been cosying up to Maddy, she enlists Maria’s help to set a ‘honey’ trap for him. Later, Chrissie decides to finish things – for good.

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