An alarmed Mark listens as Louise makes her demands for the safe return of baby Gabe. Louise tells Mark that she needs a passport and cash to leave the country. Will Mark, Paige and Jack give into her demands? And will Louise really hand Gabe over safely?

David feels like an utter fool after his mistimed and misguided proposal to Aaron. David is sure he has ruined his relationship, so Leo tries to cheer him up. Meanwhile, Aaron tells Elly about David’s actions and she says that Rory could be a reason for his answer. Is Elly right? And what will happen when David treats Rory for his back injury?

Also, Sonya and Toadie are adrift at sea, with no working engine. Luckily, they call Tyler and he comes to rescue. However, as Sonya, Toadie and Tyler leave the boat they stumble across an item that could be pivotal in Hamish’s murder investigation…