Hamish is putting everything in place to leave Erinsborough tomorrow with Tyler and the boat. Mark is determined to stop Hamish’s plans, however, and brings Fay into town to ruffle Hamish’s feathers – and Hamish certainly seems thrown to see the love of his life. With Mark now banned from investigating Hamish, he discreetly uses a colleague’s computer to dig up the dirt on Hamish and stumbles across the connection between Hamish and Louise. Later, Fay realises Louise was also the nurse by Russell’s side the night he died and it’s clear Mark is starting to build a case against Tyler’s father…

Meanwhile, Sheila is desperate to keep the romance between her and Hamish alive, but it’s clear Hamish doesn’t feel the same way. Amy warns Sheila that Hamish is not to be trusted according to Mark, but Sheila refuses to listen. Later, Hamish arrives at the Canning house and Amy privately confronts him about his behaviour and intentions towards Sheila. Will Amy push the right buttons to help Mark prove that Hamish is a liar and cheat?

Also, Terese is dumbfounded that Gary wants to forgive her and start again. Gary can see that Terese is thrown by his suggestion and offers her some space and time so she can think through her decision. Terese turns to Sonya, who advises her that she needs to forgive herself before she can accept forgiveness from Gary. Will Terese be able to forgive herself?