Even if Adam doesn’t fancy him, Aaron can still enjoy a drink with the farm boy and secretly pretend they’re on a date. His bubble’s burst, though, when Scarlett joins the lads and brings along her friend, Bryony. Then Jackson walks in… He knows Aaron doesn’t want to be seen in public with him but Aaron rams the point home by flirting with Bryony. Jackson doesn’t give up easily, though… He calls on Aaron at home, after he has finished pretending with Bryony. They talk and it’s just becoming clear that Aaron is attracted to Jackson when Paddy walks in with Marlon…

Meanwhile, it’s becoming clear to Chas that Charity is up to something… And all because Charity can’t resist the urge to spend, spend, spend. Cain advises her not to throw their money around but Charity pays Betty to clean their home and turns down a driving job. Chas concludes that if Charity can afford to do that she must be up to no good.

Eli is desperate to get up to something with Olena but she tells him they have no future together: she’s illegal; she’s on the run. That sounds like a match made in heaven to Eli, though…

*Second episode, 8pm*

It’s all coming out now… Marlon wants to know what’s going on when he and Paddy walk in on Aaron and Jackson. Scared that Jackson will tell him, Aaron throws Jackson out. Marlon leaves and Paddy eventually follows, ready to tell Marlon that Aaron’s gay. Can Marlon keep the secret? Back at the cottage, Aaron is also ready to talk and leaves Jackson a voicemail. But has Jackson lost interest?

Eli won’t give up on Olena… If she’s leaving Emmerdale, he’s going with her. Olena loves the idea; she’s all for them running away together just as soon as her passport comes through – courtesy of Sam. But what if Sam finds out that he’s not going to benefit from the effort he’s making for Olena as he hopes he will?

Natasha has no choice but to tell Maisie the truth about their finances – well, her version of the truth. She doesn’t tell her daughter that Nathan blackmailed her into giving him the family fortune, but she makes it clear that they have no money for luxuries. How long before Maisie starts asking awkward questions?

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