Sinead and Diane are gob-smacked when an unexpected visitor arrives at the door – Sinead’s dad Rob. He tells them he needs their help as Finn’s gone missing. Elsewhere, the Kanes are concerned as Martha celebrates her 40th birthday and worry she will fall off the wagon.

Callum is left feeling dejected, and looks around for someone to turn to. At college, Robbie asks Callum to sell drugs for him at an all-night gig and, when Martha comes home drunk, Callum decides to take Robbie up on his offer.

While the McQueens are concocting a plan to save Mercedes, Dr. Browning surprises Myra and Carmel with tickets to Vegas to find her. They are shocked but are willing to go to extreme lengths to get her back. With those three out of the way, Jacqui realises she has the perfect opportunity to put her con into action.

Also, Tony has mixed emotions as his Decree Absolute arrives. He begins to question his future and decides he can’t waste any time, telling Cindy about his plan to propose to Jacqui.