Martin desperately searches for a missing Stacey and baby Arthur. Meanwhile, Nancy and Tamwar hear a baby crying, realising with horror that Stacey and Arthur are on the roof of The Vic. As Tamwar sets off to find Martin, Nancy tries talking to Stacey. When Martin arrives he instantly realises that Stacey is delusional, sending Nancy away so he can talk to Stacey alone.

Martin promises Stacey that he’ll take care of her and the baby. When Stacey claims that Arthur is God’s baby, Martin hides his shock at how ill she is. Pretending to believe her delusion, Martin gets Stacey to hand Arthur to him. There’s a moment of terror when Stacey nearly falls from the roof, but Martin grabs her just in time. As he leads Stacey home, Martin insists to Nancy that all is fine, but it’s clear he’s out of his depth…

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The Slaters struggle to deal with Charlie’s death. Tasked with taking Charlie’s body, Billy gets upset, saying that Charlie was the best father-in-law. Meanwhile, Alfie comforts a grief-stricken Kat. On the verge of telling Kat that the truth about his brain tumour they’re interrupted by Kat’s sister Belinda, who accuses Kat of killing their dad!

Also, a drunk Phil confesses to Shirley that he was driving the car on Christmas Day, not Ian.