Bethany packs her things, only panicking when she can’t find her passport. Mary calls at No.8 and Bethany admits she’s going to start a new life with Nathan. Mary bars her way and, likening the situation to her own rape, begs Bethany to see that the things Nathan makes her do are wrong. Adamant that Nathan loves her, Bethany bundles Mary out of the way. As Nathan pulls up will Bethany get into his car?

Drew drops Summer off with Billy and Todd, explaining he hasn’t told Summer about their plan yet as he’d like her to get to know them first. As they chat over lunch, will Todd find himself warming to Summer?

Kevin quizzes Rana about Anna’s medication and is interested to find out that a low libido is one of the side effects.

Daniel promises Adam he’s going to get some therapy. Tyrone’s jealous of Fiz’s friendship with antiques specialist Kim, especially when Kim suggests Fiz should look into doing an antiques course herself.