Can Mason trust Robbo?

Robbo meets with Mason, claiming to have just arrived from Mount Isa, though he assures him there’s no rush to repay his share of the money. When Mason tells Bailey, however, his younger brother is worried, reminding him that Robbo had deserted them at the robbery and failed to warn them the alarm had been tripped. Mason realises he needs to pay Robbo off as soon as possible and gets a second job to start paying him back.

Tash is astonished when Andrew admits that the development hasn’t got final council approval, and Sheila could lose all her deposit. She insists he warns her but, though Andrew tries to encourage her to think again, Sheila won’t pull out and he’s left with a weight on his conscience.

Sheila notices when Rhys throws away an unopened letter from his father, Eddie, and asks Kyle to question him about it. Rhys says he doesn’t want anything to do with his father but, certain he’s making a mistake, Sheila reads the letter in which his father is trying to reach out to him. Rhys catches her and is furious at the invasion of his privacy.

Meanwhile, Lou gets a positive report on Mason from Lucas and passes it on to Matt. Is it a sign that the family is settling down again? And Amber gets a call inviting her to a secret rendezvous… with Robbo!