Can Masood save Zainab and Kamil?

Masood hides at Zainab’s, waiting for Yusef and Kamil. Yusef returns without Kamil, suspicious that Zainab’s been plotting and Masood makes his escape unnoticed. Yusef arranges to take Zainab to Kamil and notes down the address after a phone call. Afia sees the address and Tamwar passes it on to Masood. Denise and Masood dash off in pursuit, but by the time they arrive at the rendezvous Yusef, Zainab and Kamil have gone…

Bianca reveals that her black eye was from a fight in prison, which nearly got her more time. Pat advises Ricky not to confess to cheating on Bianca with Mandy. Bianca and Whitney have a heart-to-heart about Rob and Bianca feels terrible she wasn’t there to help her. Ricky decides to tell Bianca about Mandy but chickens out.

Alfie accuses Kat of using the crisis with Jean to avoid talking about their relationship. Alfie tells Kat that he can’t forgive her for sleeping with another man. He heads off to get drunk at the club with Jack and Michael. A manic Jean goes to the club and makes a move on Michael, who brings her home. Michael tells Kat she can rely on Alfie. Kat’s grateful when Alfie leaves the club to help her care for Jean.