Can Matt forgive Lauren?

When the Turner kids check with Matt, he admits that he and Lauren are fighting. Later, Mason comes upon the lost sketch so he and Amber arrange a romantic stargazing picnic. It appears to work, until Lauren makes a heartfelt pitch for Matt to let go of his anger over the sketch. Although Matt says he believes her when she says she loves him, something in him can’t accept it as the full truth. Lauren walks off in despair.

Worried that the rivalry for school captain with Amber will destroy their friendship, Imogen tells Amber that she’s pulling out of the running, Amber thinks she’s doing so because she thinks Amber can’t win in her own right, and she goads Imogen into remaining in the competition.

They both deliver their speeches, but Imogen is put off when Gem deliberately sets her phone to ring during her presentation. Later, Bailey notices a bunch of scrunched up papers that look like ballots in Gem’s handbag. When she leaves the room, he checks her bag, and finds ballots with Imogen’s name on them.

Toadie and Sonya are excited about a night out together without children. All their plans go south, however, when they fall asleep in the car. Later, they talk and reaffirm their love for one another.