Kat is livid that Nate wants her to jeopardise her job to get Matt off the hook. Nate explains to Leah that Kat won’t help; while Leah confesses she regrets turning Matt into the police. Later, Matt is released on bail and forgives Leah when she admits she gave the money to the cops.

Kat and Nate agree they can’t let their professional lives get in the way of their relationship. As they reconcile, they go back to Leah’s and Kat tells Matt he can avoid jail if he tells the police who else was involved with the robbery.

Alf has his first therapy session with psychologist Maria but when she asks him about his recent trip to the Australian War Memorial, he gets flustered and leaves the session. Later, Roo discovers what happened thanks to a phone call.

Kyle apologises to Ash about crashing his date with Denny. Later, Ash collects Ricky and the baby from hospital. The next morning, Ricky makes her way to the prison, where Brax anxiously waits to meet his son.