Still angry with Matt for upsetting Evelyn, Sasha tells him he needs to change to make a relationship between them work. Off the back of Jett’s advice that actions speak louder than words, Matt gets naked for Sasha, then covers himself with seaweed, totally humiliating himself. He explains that he understands he embarrassed Sasha and apologises. Sasha forgives him, and she agrees to be his ‘official’ girlfriend.

Unable to forgive each other, Jett quits his job with John in search for fair-paying work. Alf hires him, but when Marilyn finds out, she organises an intervention. Marilyn lays down the law – Jett will go back to work at the Surf Club, and John will pay him fairly. Jett and John are too scared to disagree, and put an end to their fight.

Chris tries to show Denny how committed he is to their relationship by giving his cruise prize to Irene so he can stay in the Bay. But with Irene gone, Chris is stuck working more shifts to cover for her.