Can Max help a heartbroken Lauren?

Lauren’s excited about seeing Jake, bragging to Joey that she’s got a date. When Lauren arrives at Jake’s car, she’s hurt when he rejects her kiss. Jake tells a confused Lauren that he’s finishing with her, as she finds a whisky miniature in the glove box. Realising Lauren deserves an explanation, Jake takes her to Albert Square. Pointing out Sadie, Jake reveals that Sadie is his wife and they’re giving their marriage another try.

Wanting comfort, Lauren heads to Joey’s and is shocked to see a half-dressed Janine inside. Making a quick exit, Lauren returns home but finds no solace with Max. Heartbroken and bitter, Lauren considers telling Sadie what Jake’s been up to. Meanwhile, Sadie smells alcohol on Jake’s breath and tells him that she and Bella will move into their new house in the Square alone.

Kirsty enjoys a romantic night in with Max. Heading out to buy some wine, Max has an unpleasant encounter with Carl, who brags to Max that he slept with Kirsty while Max was banged up. Back home, Max coldly confronts Kirsty, who is forced to admit the truth. Max tells Kirsty that things are over between them, as he wants to focus on being a dad to Abi and Lauren.