Can Max save Millie before it’s too late?

The action is cranked up in this conclusion of last week’s investigation into the dramatic toy store robbery. And right in the thick of it are Pc Millie Brown and young mum Jade Hopkins.

Millie was making a follow-up visit to Jade when brothers Si and Mick Jones burst in looking for Jade. Not realising Millie is a copper, they snatched both women and now they’re being held at gunpoint. But who are Si and Mick and what do they want with Jade?

Jade’s brother, Ronnie, is the main suspect in the robbery. He owes money to the particularly nasty Curtis Jenson and insists to DS Max Carter that Jenson has kidnapped Jade to teach him a lesson. Millie was taken just because she was there.

While the Sun Hill team desperately work to find their colleague, Millie is trying to calm an increasingly hysterical Jade, who is worried about her baby. When their kidnappers are distracted, Jade tries to escape and is shot. Millie works to save her life and, as she convinces the brothers to take Jade to a hospital, they realise she’s a police officer.

But they’re not going to let Millie go. Instead, they shock her with the truth about who’s really behind the kidnapping. Can Max put two and two together before Millie ends up six feet under?