As Brendan prepares for his impending court case he’s frustrated when Jim reveals the dire truth about his case and decides to take matters into his own hands. Later, Maxine overhears Brendan offering Kevin money to leave and suggests they run away together – her desire to escape increasing. Kevin buys it and lets her out of the locked bedroom, but as the pair run through the darkness, a furious Walker arrives…

Cheryl and Nate decide to break the news of their engagement to Cressida, who apologises for yesterday by producing Nate’s inheritance – a grand manor house in Donegal. At their engagement party, Brendan turns up drunk and warns Nate never to let his future sons near Seamus.

Jacqui is tempted by the dark side, but can she go through with it? Trudy offers Jacqui a chance to make some serious money and it soon becomes clear that she was in on Alan’s attack all along.

Also, Jacqui offers to help Trudy with a delivery, however she’s worried about the delivery address ‘HMP Marsh Hill’. It goes like clockwork and with £500 of danger money in her hands, Jacqui starts to consider her options.