Can Mel save her brother’s skin?

As Pcs Mel Ryder and Sergeant Smith patrol the streets on a busy New Year’s Eve, Mel admits she’s worried about her brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend, Kelly Skipton, who have come down to London to see in the New Year at Trafalgar Square. Meanwhile, Pcs Millie Brown and Roger Valentine learn that a young boy, Josh, has been stabbed inside a nightclub.

As Mel and Smithy arrive at the club to help, Mel is stunned to find a distraught Kelly hiding in one of the toilets. But Mel gets an even bigger shock when she sees Smithy arresting a young man for the stabbing – her brother, Jordan. In custody, Mel and Jordan begin to argue – but Smithy warns Mel she must remain impartial to help Jordan.

When questioned, Kelly admits that Josh had angered Jordan by flirting with her but insists that Jordan wasn’t around when Josh tried to kiss her. Jordon maintains he did not stab Josh but, unconvinced, Mel visits Jordan in his cell and begs her brother to tell the truth as he begins to crumble.

But at the stroke of midnight, the alarms go off on Josh’s life support machine and Mel realises her brother could be in big trouble…