Mercedes owns up when a pregnancy test is found at the McQueens but admits she has no clue who the baby’s father is. Meanwhile, Tony fears his infidelity may about to be exposed, but Mercedes decides she’s going to abort the pregnancy. However, Jacqui has other ideas and announces that Mercedes’ pregnancy is the answer to her and Tony’s baby problems.

At work, Tina is still feeling uncomfortable about Pete’s suggestive language, and is reduced to tears when he sabotages her work. Things get worse when she arrives home to find Dom has booked a trip to see the battlefields of Europe. Forced to feign enthusiasm, Tina can’t bring herself to tell Dom about Pete, worried she’ll ruin their relationship.

Wracked with guilt for sleeping with Darren, Jessica feels worse when she sees Darren and Zoe together. Not trusting Jessica to keep quiet, Darren threatens her behind Zoe’s back. Later, Zoe is furious with Darren when she finds betting slips at the Dog, and she lays into him for breaking his promise to give up gambling.

Also, in a bid to stop himself thinking about his sister, Rhys offers to help Gilly get his way with Beth.