Young warlock Merlin arrives at the gates of Camelot and enters the square, just a man accused by the tyrannical King Uther of using magic, is executed right before his eyes. The penalty for using magic in Camelot is death and as the axe falls, the man’s mother, Mary Collins, swears she will avenge King Uther for the death of her son.

A shocked Merlin heads across Camelot to find Gaius, the Court Physician. Surprised, Gaius falls from his ladder and a quick-thinking Merlin is able to use his magical powers to break Gaius’ fall. But rather than express gratitude, Gaius warns Merlin that he must keep is abilities a secret – or face certain death.

It’s not long before Merlin sees a young man humiliating his manservant and steps in to protect the boy. But this proves a big mistake as Merlin discovers that the man is King Uther’s son, Prince Arthur. Merlin is thrown in the stocks as punishment for fighting Arthur, where he meets a young maid, Gwen, who is instantly smitten with the young hero.

When Merlin discovers the Great Dragon he realises that destiny is calling him to use his powers to protect Arthur, the future King of Albion. As Mary Collins returns for revenge on Arthur, Merlin knows he must do all he can to save him.