Can MI5 prevent a nuclear explosion?

As tensions between America and Russia are running high, Lucas returns from Moscow with intelligence that Russia is planning an imminent attack on London. Codenamed Tiresias, it’s the work of a gang of silent saboteurs who have infiltrated all areas of British governance with the sole purpose of crippling the UK once activated. With the clock ticking, the team call on the MI5 mole for help…

The team abducts the mole, who reveals a Tiresias sleeper agent has been ordered to set off a nuclear bomb at 3pm. And when the mole admits that a Tiresias dossier – revealing who’s detonating the bomb and where – has been hidden at London Bridge, the team vows to embark on a frantic search to find it.

Meanwhile, Russia’s intelligence services, the FSB, learn that MI5 have kidnapped their prized asset and attempt to rescue the mole before MI5 foil their planned attack. At London Bridge, the MI5 and the FSB teams finally meet amid a barrage of gunfire…

Can Section D escape and get hold of the dossier in time? And will the mole – the only person who knows how to neutralise the nuclear element – change sides again and save London from the fatal explosion?

*Last in the series*

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