Can Mo count on Jonny?

Mo is feeling isolated from Jonny after he lied to her about seeing Jac. When a complicated medical dilemma arrives in the shape of a Jehovah’s Witness wanting a bloodless operation, Mo and Jac are divided over how best to proceed. Is there more to this than Mo is letting on and will Jonny come to his friend’s rescue?

Following Ritchie Mooney’s death, Hanssen has closed the non-referral scheme and wants answers. Will Michael accept his role or will he stand up for what he believes to be the truth? When an old friend of his is admitted she tries to persuade him to stick to his principles…

Meanwhile, Chrissie is feeling the strain of her involvement with the Mooney case and overcompensates with a patient. There is a sting in the tail when the patient shows that Chrissie isn’t quite on her game today.