Can Moira reunite Pete and Debbie?

Debbie and Pete’s relationship has barely begun, but it already looks like it’s over – thanks to Ross’s meddling. But while the Barton boys are at each other’s throats, Moira decides to take matters into her own hands and goes to see Debbie, but will she be able to convince her to give Pete another chance?

Rhona’s still angry with Marlon because he won’t let their son Leo see his big sister April. Rhona goes to see Marlon, but the pair end up having a heated argument. In a moment of anger, the reluctant dad spills boiling water on himself and ends up in A&E! Later, Rhona and Lauren make progress when they continue to needle Marlon until he eventually agrees to let his children meet – as long as it’s on his terms…

As Declan helps Charity with her plan to plead poverty in her divorce from Jai, Jimmy rumbles the pair’s scheme to pretend the haulage business is in dire straits. Is it game over for the pair will they be able to get him on side?