Can Mr Meredith lead the team to Rosie?

Australia is getting DC Rachel Dawson all hot and bothered – and not just because of the climate. She’s furious with Pc Joe Mason for leaving her to hunt on her own for missing Aidensfield mechanic Rosie Cartwright – and all nurse Carol Cassidy has gone missing. Joe’s worried about Carol – they’re already looking for one woman, and Australia’s a big country.

Carol’s with local aborigine Nev, who’s showing her one of the region’s beauty spots. And what a good job she is, too… Nev gets word that his pregnant sister has gone into labour and needs help. Hospital’s out of the question because the baby’s father is white. The authorities would take the child away from its mother. But Carol steps in, delivers the baby and becomes a hero among the aborigines.

Back in town there’s someone else looking to give Carol a big hug – and it’s not Joe, even though he’s relieved to see her.

Joe can now help Rachel look for Rosie and, finally, they start to make progress. They discover that another young woman has gone missing near a local roadhouse. The owner’s son, Des Meredith, has a criminal record and Rachel and Joe want to talk to him. But, first, they have to find him. When they do, will they find Rosie?