Can Mrs Tembe help Eddie?

In the Children’s Ward, Susan reminds Mrs Tembe they are without a Santa so Mrs Tembe asks Eddie, a volunteer. But Eddie says Susan won’t have him as Santa because he is black. A shocked Mrs Tembe counters saying the hospital has a multi-cultural identity. On his way out, he passes Mrs Tembe who is dressed as Santa Claus! Eddie laughs and gives her a kiss goodbye while Susan looks on incensed.

Franc and Emma pass a charity collector dressed as Santa, before being brushed past by a stranger. When they both realise they’ve been pick-pocketed, the penny drops – Santa and the hoodie! Later, Franc admits he doesn’t speak to his daughter, Gigi, as much as he’d like, thanks to her mother. Suddenly Franc spots the thieves and runs them down as Emma watches on. 

Back at The Mill, Niamh is impressed to hear of Franc’s heroics. He goes on to talk about the effect that fake charity collectors have on those in real need and when he digs out a photo of Gigi from his wallet, Emma’s heart melts.