Can Nancy persuade Rick to stay?

Robbie is heartbroken when his dad leaves. He needs a shoulder to cry on and goes to see Nancy. Nancy spots Rick at the bus stop and goes over to him, she tries to persuade him to stay, but has she done enough? Elsewhere, Darren is on his own waiting for his check-up, which Nancy promised to be there for.

Lindsey worries when Joe goes missing after the trial, while Grace returns home to find the flat has been trashed and her gun is missing. Mercedes suddenly points the gun at Grace. Freddie arrives and wrestles Mercedes, causing the gun to go off… Mercedes and Freddie have taken an injured Grace to The Loft to make it look like a botched burglary. In hospital, Mercedes is surprised when Grace doesn’t grass on her. Instead, Grace orders Mercedes to hide the gun; in return she’ll get her the money she needs to save her home.

When Nana finally admits the trouble she’s in, the McQueens wonder how they’re going to raise the money to save their home.

Dirk is concerned by Cindy’s erratic mood swings. Cindy, Dirk and Holly are called to the hospital, but Cindy can’t bear to be there and tells them she has to do a stock take. Instead, she calls her mystery man. Later, when Cindy storms out of the flat, Dirk decides to follow her, but his heart stops when he sees a man approach. However he’s relieved to see that the man is just asking for the time.