Can Nancy save Oscar?

When Darren vows to stand by his wife, enraged Sienna is forced her to up her game putting Nancy in jeopardy, She teaches Nancy another lesson and pushes Oscar’s pram into the path of Joe’s oncoming car. Nancy spots the runaway buggy and ends up rolling over Joe’s bonnet, while Sienna watches on, cradling Oscar.

Sinead is preparing for another night clipping, having told Diane and Ruby that she’s got a job as a waitress. Ruby discovers Sinead’s stash of empty wallets while she’s babysitting and encourages her friend to stop.

John Paul is trying his best to find out if Danny is gay. Danny teases his colleague until they end up kissing – result.

Ruby helps Tilly and Esther sneak up to The Dog flat, but when Frankie realises, she marches upstairs to confront the teens. Tilly is shocked when Frankie encourages her to break up with Esther, before she gets her heart broken. Esther is hurt when Tilly tells her what Frankie said – maybe she is better off on her own.