In the aftermath of the explosion, Heath, Nate and Ricky rouse and discover that Bianca has lost consciousness. Heath starts to carry Bianca out but more of the roof collapses in front of them. With no other option, Nate prepares to drill a hole in her skull to release the pressure in her brain but Heath is terrified. Alf and the SES move in to rescue the remaining patients including Bianca. When Alf confirms to Heath that it was a deliberate bombing, Heath vows revenge. Nate organises for Bianca to be air-lifted to a city hospital.

Meanwhile, Hannah is trying to help Ethan who is bleeding profusely and can’t speak. Later, Zac and Hannah realise that Ethan has the twins. Kyle wakes to find himself trapped in the shipping container with Oscar and Evelyn.

Tamara and Zac realise that the twins and Kyle have been missing for the same amount of time. As Evelyn screams for help, the henchmen are increasingly worried about Ethan’s absence. When Casey tries to call Kyle again, Zac discovers his phone amongst Ethan’s possessions. Just as it becomes clear that Ethan has kidnapped Kyle and the twins, he dies.

As Roo and Marilyn help the emergency services at the hospital, Harvey still hasn’t spoken to Roo about where he’s been.