Can Nate help the pupils of Deansgate?

Pc Nate Roberts is back on duty as Safer Schools Officer at Deansgate School. He’s not convinced he’s really needed but a dramatic turn of events soon changes his mind. Nate’s settling into his new office when schoolgirl Kadisha bursts in, saying she’s just found her friend Kevin unconscious in a corridor. Nate suspects Kevin has taken drugs and finds ecstasy in the boy’s pocket.

All the pupils’ lockers are searched and Nate is shocked to find a large quantity of ecstasy in one belonging to schoolboy Jimmy.

Nate is deeply disappointed; he has got to know Jimmy a little and didn’t think the boy would be involved in anything like this. The young lad insists it’s all a mistake; he’s not a drug dealer, he found the pills on the way to school.

Back at Sun Hill, though, DC Jo Masters isn’t convinced by Jimmy’s story and, suspicious, she runs some checks and discovers that his brother, Baxter, has just served time in prison for possession of drugs…

When the whole truth is revealed, a devastated Jimmy is taken into care and it starts to dawn on Nate that Deansgate is a school that does need help. But how much good can he do?