Can Nate save Brody’s life?

Tori is relying on Nate to save Brody's life - but is it too late?

Brody is rushed to the hospital and it’s up to Nate to save his life. However, Tori struggles to stand by helpless. Will Tori be able to stay outside the operating theatre? Or will she make a decision that has good intentions – but a fatal outcome?

Roo tells Alf that she’s made contact with Duncan and he furiously tells his daughter to pack her bags. Roo is heartbroken at Alf’s reaction – but will she stand by her decision?

Ash is wrestling with his conscience, as he decides if he should use Andy’s money to bail out the garage. He hides the money in a printer at the garage, but he soon regrets the decision when the police turn up with a search warrant…