Can Nate win back Sophie?

Sophie finds out that Nate has told Leah about her pain killer addiction. Fuming that he betrayed her trust with another colleague, Sophie confronts him. Nate tries to clear the air and suggests they go out for dinner where he admits his true feelings.

Ms. Taylor asks Sasha whether she would be interested in filling the gap of school captain now that Tamara has left Summer Bay for good. Excited by the proposal, Sasha shares her news with Matt. Matt is less than impressed with the idea as he remembers how competitive she was during the school elections, but offers to stand down from his school captaincy if she really wants the position.

Zac returns home with pizza for Oscar, but he is nowhere to be found. It seems that Oscar has gone to the gym and suffered a panic attack in front of Nate and Leah. Nate advises Zac that Oscar may need medication. Zac later finds Oscar’s scrunched up self-portrait and tries to get him to open up, reluctant to talk, Nate steps in and tells Oscar he may need medication to help cope with his anxiety issues. Oscar agrees.

Sasha causes even more stress on Marilyn and John’s relationship when she asks the pair when they are moving in together. Marilyn proposes a trial to John where they spend a few nights per week at each other’s home. Things don’t quite go to plan when Marilyn arrives and starts making a list of all the things she wants to change when she moves in.